Career Assessment Program

Background Review & Career Consultation

A background review and career consultation are conducted followed by career assessment instruments administration. 

Comprehensive Jung Personality Self-Assessment

A comprehensive Jung Personality Theory guided self-assessment is provided to give the client a framework of how type relates to choices and interpersonal dynamics followed by the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory interpretive session.     

Comprehensive Holland Personality Self-Assessment

A comprehensive Holland Personality Theory guided self-assessment followed by the Strong Interest Inventory interpretive session is provided.

Process, Develop and Create an Action Plan

The client is then given an opportunity to process the results of both instruments, develop primary and secondary career targets and an action plan to get started in the new direction.   

Career Assessment for Students - Louisville, KY

Utilizing the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the counseling incorporates background review, administration, comprehensive self-assessment, personalized instrument interpretation, professional / career applications, strategic planning and interpretive materials. 

The packaged service includes the two assessment instruments, scoring fees, standardized and personalized interpretive manual and up to 12 hours of counseling.  It is available to clients as described herein, or as part of an inclusive Outplacement Service.

All packages may be customized to meet client needs.


Our comprehensive Career Assessment Package gives you exceptional insight into effectively approaching a career change, managing a job search campaign or pursuing retirement lifestyle planning or a high school to college / college to career transitions.

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