Frequently Asked Questions



For Job Seekers & Career Change:

Question: I hate my job but I don’t know what else I can do?
Answer: Career Assessment Testing can help you determine what you need to be happy and successful at work and identify a variety of compatible career fields.

Question: I know what job I want to do and feel that I am qualified to do it. How can I show employers that I’m qualified to do the work when I have done it but never held that position title before?
Answer: By creating a targeted and branded resume. We can help you develop a resume that builds a strong case showing you have the qualifications employers are seeking and focusing on your future instead of your past.

Question: I am well qualified and have applied for dozens of jobs on line with few responses and I haven’t gotten a single interview. What can I do to get employers attention and get the interview?
Answer: It is likely that your resume is not compatible with the electronic job applicant systems employers use to match candidates to job openings. We can show you how these online systems work and how to work the systems, align your resume to specific job descriptions and get the interview call.

Question: I have never needed a resume before and don’t know where to start. Can you help me?
Answer: Yes!! We can work with you to develop a job winning resume and while we’re at it you will learn how to realign it for different job descriptions and get through the electronic screening process and into the interview.

Question: I think I have a really good resume because I have had a lot of interviews. What’s stopping me from getting the call back and offer?
Answer: If you’re getting interviews you have a good resume. It must be something about your interview style that is putting employers off. This is something you can control and change. Interview coaching can help you identify your problem areas and develop strategies for overcoming them, acing the interview and getting the offer.

Question: Interviews make me nervous and I feel like I’m always put off guard by unexpected questions. Can you help me figure out what I can do to prepare for interviews so I’m ready to answer any question they ask?
Answer: Yes!! Though it may not seem that way, interviewing is a predictable process and interview preparation is the key. We can help you do the necessary research and prepare you to confidently answer any questions that come your way.

Question: How can I be sure that the compensation package offered me is in line with what the local job market is offering and also in line with my experience and the value I know I can add to my new employer’s bottom line.
Answer: You can, should and are expected to be negotiating your compensation offer. Negotiation coaching can help you determine your fair market value and provide the skills to negotiate a better offer and equitable compensation package.

Question: How can I position myself to succeed in my new job once I’m hired?
Answer: Your future success begins with how you perform during the interview process. Asking the right questions that will give you full and accurate picture of what will be expected of you and how you will be evaluated. The exceptional interview coaching you’ll get at Successful Transitions is the key!

Question: I am so frustrated with the online job application process. Is there a better way to find good job leads?
Answer: Yes! Over 75% of available jobs are never advertised anywhere! Job seekers access these hidden jobs through Networking (who they know). We can help you learn where the jobs are, develop networking skills and a strategic job campaign to access this rich but “hidden job market” for job lead development.

For Students:

Question: I will be graduating this spring and don’t know what I want or can to do to earn a living. Can you help me?
Answer: Yes!!! Career Assessment Testing can help you to understand your job and work place related interests, values and skills; identify a variety college majors and career fields to which you qualify, at which you would be most likely to succeed and those that would be most compatible with your personality needs for success and happiness.

Question: I am a high school senior and am very confused about choosing the right college and major. Can you help me?
Answer: Yes!!! Our Major Decisions program including Career Assessment testing helps you discover what you need to be happy and successful at school and work, where to find it and how to get there.

Question: I am a parent with a high school junior. Can you give my child that test that will tell him/her what s/he should be when s/he gets out of school?
Answer: I’m so sorry!! It’s just not that easy and there is actually no such test available…But, Career Assessment testing can help young adults better understand themselves, what they need to be happy and successful at school and work, where to find it and how to get there. It helps them make sound college and career decisions that will set them up for success in life and work.


For Employer Outplacement Needs:

Question: What are benefits to the employer in offering outplacement services to separating employees?
Answer: Compassionate employers are concerned about separating employees with dignity, avoiding negative backlash and maintaining positive employee relations to retain and attract talented employees in the future. Providing outplacement services ensure a less stressful separation for all involved while assisting separating employees in locating jobs quickly, at a good fit and comparable salary.

Question: Can you help our HR Department and managers effectively implement small to large scale reductions in force?
Answer: Yes we can! A reduction in force is typically very very stressful for all involved. Our unique in the industry, Separation with Dignity program relieves the stress for all involved. We offer training to HR and management personnel to help them deliver a strong, consistent and compassionate message to separating employees.

Question: Can you help us deliver the message to separating employees on notification day?
Answer: “The message” that your position is being eliminated or your services are no longer needed is always best delivered by the employee’s direct manager and HR representative together. However, we provide pre, post and on-site notification support with counselors on-site to meet with affected employees right after that notice has been given, decompress the situation, refocus employees toward the future and begin the healing process.

Question: Why should employers choose Successful Transitions Outplacement Services for your separating employees?
Answer: Successful Transitions provides quality, professional and confidential Outplacement services offered at a variety of price points and modalities including customized programs.


For Career Mobility:

Question: I like the company I’ve worked for the past several years and don’t want to leave but I have been passed over more than once for promotions I deserved and don’t know what to do about this. Can you help?
Answer: Yes! Career Mobility Coaching can help you discover root causes of your situation and develop strategies to better position yourself for future promotion.


For Organization Change Management:

Question: How can we retain and encourage good employees left on the job after a reduction in force?
Answer: We help Management develop a positive, clear and consistent message for those left behind, while offering training seminars and individual coaching to help employees and their managers weather the storm, learn to re-prioritize and remain productive while dealing with the likely apprehension and fear.

Question: How can I get the most Productivity out of my talented but unruly multifunctional project team?
Answer: Team members can learn how to appreciate their diverse team member talents and work styles to see the benefits of working with different types through dynamic personality assessment and team building seminars. Leader participants learn to maximize their team’s differences for greater cooperation and productivity and may follow up with individual coaching.


For Retirement Lifestyle Planning:

Question: I have been working so hard and such long hours through me career that I never developed any other interests or hobbies. Now I’m dreading retirement and can’t imagine what I will do with myself. How will my life have any meaning without work?
Answer: It’s never too late to develop exciting and challenging interests and hobbies to give your life meaning and joy. Learning to ‘work’ at these on your own terms and schedule can give you great freedom to enjoy life. The personality assessment segment of our Retirement Lifestyle Planning program help participants identify interests, hobby and causes that are compatible with your personality and research segment shows you where to find them.

Question: What are your retirement plans? I hate it when people ask me that question. I don’t have any plans. I don’t even know where to begin. Can you help me?
Answer: Planning for leisure can be a daunting task when your accustom to a busy career where all of your time and tasks are planned for you. We can help you explore the Phases of Retirement and develop an effective time for each so that your Prime years in an indecisive stalemate.

Question: I’m fearful that after all these years working my spouse and I might not be able to find a compatible lifestyle in retirement. Do you work with couples?
Answer: Absolutely! Programs can be customized to meet the needs of individuals, couples and or even offered to church or social groups. Corporations may offer these services as part of a severance package or periodically to employees who reach an established age threshold as part of their Employee Assistance Programs.

Question: I am so stressed out just thinking about retirement, I’m loosing sleep thinking about it and I’m afraid it’s starting to affect my health. What can I do?
Answer: Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Planning reduces the stress and anxiety of an uncertain future and provides strategies for positively navigating this challenging life transition.