Retirement Lifestyle Planning Services


Successful Transitions, INC offers the following services to help participants develop strategies for creating their own best possible futures! Services include:

  • Pre-Decision Counseling
  • Life / Work Style Personality Assessment
  • Whole-Life Planning
  • Change Management
  • Optimizing Your Time
  • Market Research
  • Networking
  • Strategic Planning
  • On-Going Coaching

Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Planning reduces the stress and anxiety of an uncertain future and provides strategies for positively navigating this challenging life transition.

Programs can be customized to meet the needs of individuals, couples and corporate buy-out or reduction-in-force benefit offerings.

Corporations may offer these services as part of a severance package or offer them periodically to employees who reach an established age threshold as part of their employee assistance programs.






Retirement can provide wonderful opportunities for growth and fulfillment! Whether you're single or have a partner with whom you share your life, you can greatly benefit from developing skills to plan your leisure activity or "third life" career for maximum quality of life.

In today’s uncertain job market many workers find themselves with the dubious challenge of having to choose whether to take an early retirement buy-out offer or stay in a highly invested job with an uncertain future. We help participants assess their risks and probability for future employment and/or develop leisure interests for a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Retirement Lifestyle Planning Services

Participants learn to assess their needs for individual, couple, family and group interaction time and how to locate interesting flexible work and leisure activities to meet those needs. (Financial Planning not included).

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